Beautiful and easy-to-use admin panels

The admin panels have been thourowly designed to be as user friendly as possible. Pages have several tabbed options depending on the page template used. There’s also a shortcode generator and column layout manager available!

Colors and fonts

You can change several colors, like all the red links and backgrounds in the theme, with the help of easy-to-use color pickers. You can also use any google font you want!


Product page

The sliding product page is perfect to show your collection of products to your customers. There’s an easy to use menucard manager to freely arrange your product categories over several pages. We also incuded a product item page with related products. Show your customers what you have in store! Go to the product page

Blog page

The blogpage is probably the most used page in WordPress, yet we still managed to make it stand out! There are three different layouts available: Default view, Thumbnail view and Simple view. You can select what categories you want on the page, and how much posts you’d like to show per page.


Gallery page

We’ve included a gallery page template with several column layouts. You can limit the number of items, but still allow full excess to all of them through the filter. You can choose to let it rotate through your gallery, highlighting the items for maximum exposure. Go to the gallery


This theme has a range of powerful shortcodes available to make pages beautiful and easy to manage. Divide your content into seperate columns, add call-to-action buttons, insert message boxes to inform your customers and much more! Check our shortcodes


Unlimited sidebars

This theme incorporates an unlimited sidebar feature. This means that you can make as many sidebars as you want, apply different widgets to them, and use them on any specific page you want!

Custom widgets

There are a couple of powerful widgets for you to use in this theme. This includes a contact widget, twitter widget, google maps widget and latest posts widget. All have several options to tweak them to your taste.



All necessary typography elements are styled for direct use. A range of different title sizes, ordered and unordered lists, pullquotes and images with captions. All included and ready to use. See some examples